No Solder Blue Green Copper Tribal Earrings DIY FREE PDF Tutorial

A “cold connection" is any method of attaching or connecting two or more pieces together without the use of heat (soldering, brazing or welding). This method is usually needed when the pieces to attach can be damage by the heat and flame of a torch. “Cold connections” can also be used as decorative elements. In this tutorial metal tubing is used in a non-traditional way. The tubing is flared and compressed to trap another piece of metal, avoiding the use of solder. This is a cold connection. These hand formed boldly colored and textured earrings are original and easy to make. This tutorial is an instant downloading PDF file, it has 10 pages, a template, 20 photos and plenty of tips. The tutorial is for beginner’s students.
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No Solder Large Hoop Earrings DIY FREE PDF Tutorial

Beautiful copper-silver tubing large hoop earrings can be textured and colored in many ways for everyday use. This tutorial is an instant downloading PDF file, it has 8 pages, a template and 24 photos. The tutorial is for beginner’s students.

Jewelry Making TIP 2 - Mini Tutorial-How to make and polishing those small, pesky, fly away jewelry end caps

End caps are one of the things I prefer to buy rather than make, but sometimes you HAVE to make them (color, texture or shape needs to match the rest of your necklace.) This was the case with the necklace I made last week, I had silver end caps and copper end caps but nooo... brass end caps. So had to get out the brass tubing, sheet and wire and get to work! This is a FREE PDF file for instant downloading.

Making a bright copper cored Lampwork glass beads for jewelry - DIY FREE Mini Tutorial

The Moretti family introduced the use of copper mandrels as a “cost effective “production method of Venetian glass beads in 1920. The beads were made directly over copper mandrels that were dissolved in nitric acid after annealing. The steel mandrel & bead release combo was retaken when environmental laws made more expensive the use and disposal of copper and nitric acid. So using Copper as a core for lampwork glass is not new. This mini tutorial is about the reaction of the bare copper to the flame and its effect on clear glass. You can get two very different effects, a deep dark red or swirls of aqua blue and bubbles floating in the clear over a bright copper surface. This is a FREE PDF file for instant downloading.

Jewelry Making TIP 3 - Making trivets for patina

Stainless Steel trivets are commonly used in enameling and can also be used for ammonia fuming, but the steel will be affected by the fumes and will corrode slowly. Plastic is a non-reactive material perfect to use with ammonia fumes. You can make your own fuming trivets out of plastic, using old credit card, plastic gift cards or hotel room key cards. Template included. This is a PDF file for instant downloading. This is a FREE PDF file for instant downloading.