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Jewerly Making TIP # 6: Rounding the ends of your wires.

Rounding the ends of your wires. Invest in some good jewelry cup burs. This is a FREE PDF file for instant downloading.

Making a bright copper cored Lampwork glass beads for jewelry - DIY FREE Mini Tutorial

The Moretti family introduced the use of copper mandrels as a “cost effective “production method of Venetian glass beads in 1920. The beads were made directly over copper mandrels that were dissolved in nitric acid after annealing. The steel mandrel & bead release combo was retaken when environmental laws made more expensive the use and disposal of copper and nitric acid. So using Copper as a core for lampwork glass is not new. This mini tutorial is about the reaction of the bare copper to the flame and its effect on clear glass. You can get two very different effects, a deep dark red or swirls of aqua blue and bubbles floating in the clear over a bright copper surface. This is a FREE PDF file for instant downloading.

Tile cuff 1 DIY PDF Tutorial

This cuff bracelet was inspired by the inlay stone cuff bracelets made by the Native American Zuni tribe from the New Mexico area. The Zuni were lapidary masters. They did stone inlay on shell bases and later on in silver. Inlay consists in bringing together multiple colored stones to form a design or pattern. There are three major types of inlay: channel, mosaic or “stone to stone” inlay, cobblestone or raised inlay and chip.The tutorial is an instant downloading PDF file, it has 10 pages, 24 photos, a life size template of all the components and plenty of tips! It comes with a Bonus Mini Tutorial to make your own mandrel. For beginner skill students.