DIY JEWELRY KIT 4: 4 pairs of Silver and 2 pairs of Copper components and 2 Digital Tutorials. No Solder "Dot-Dashes Silver Earrings " + " Large Hoop Earrings". FREE SHIPPING.

Do It Yourself Handmade Jewelry Combo KIT 4. These are 2 wonderful introductory projects to the art of handmade jewelry. The first one "No Solder Dots and Dashes Sterling Silver Earrings" will be fabricated completely out of sterling silver. Their simple and light contemporary design, make these earrings the go-to pair for everyday use. The second one "Silver and Copper No Solder Large Hoop Earring" is a beautiful copper tubing large hoop earrings that can be textured and colored in many ways for everyday use.
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The KIT 4 Includes:
* 4 Pairs of Sterling Silver-Silver components to make 4 pairs of earrings.
* 2 Pairs of Silver-Copper components to make 2 pairs of earrings.
* 2 Digital Tutorials 

The Digital Tutorials will be sent by email in a PDF format.