Torch Fired Pendant III DIY Tutorial

Corrugation is a metalworking technique that lets you pleat a metal sheet. These pleated sheet can be used in many jewelry making projects as they are lightweight but strong. Torch fired enamels are a good alternative to try enameling without making the big investment of buying a kiln. You will need a gas burning torch, a steel tripod & mesh, a couple of metal trivets and of course copper enamels! If buying enamels for the first time get a sample pack of opaques, they will be easier to use than transparents (you can try those later). Learn a new set of skills. Combine the amazing texture of corrugation with colorful torch enameling and you will have an eye-catching pendant to wear. This tutorial is an instant downloading PDF file. It has 12 pages, 35 photos and life size template of all the components. For intermediate skill students (torch use experience recommended)
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You will learn:
• How to cut sheet metal with disk cutters and a jeweler’s saw
• How to texture metal with stamps
• How to corrugate metal sheet
• How to curve corrugated metal sheet
• Tab setting a curved element
• Torch fired enameling
• Patina application
• Silver plating

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