Silver And Corrugated Copper Earrings DIY Tutorial

Tear Sterling silver and corrugated copper earrings Corrugation is a method of producing parallel pleats onto a flat sheet of material, in our case sheet metal. The deep texture of corrugated metal ads a great deal of visual interest to a piece of jewelry. Those deep pleated folds are also very good at holding colored patinas to enhance the design even more. This tutorial is an instant downloading PDF file, it has 13 pages and 43 photos. The tutorial is for beginner’s students with some soldering experience. But it can be easily modified to be a solderless project.
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Try corrugation on this small format, these earrings are definitively unique, drawing lots of attention with their intriguing mix of textures and deep rich blue-green patina.



Sterling silver sheet and wire

Copper sheet and tubing




Jeweler’s saw

Half round file

Small Round needle file

Steel bench block

Shop shears

Flat nose pliers

Cutting pliers

Disk cutters 1 “and 1 1/8”

Steel stamps

Cross-peen or riveting hammer

Brass hammer

Leather or nylon mallet

Corrugating tool

Rotary tool (flex shaft)-optional

Hand punch

Tube cutter-optional

Soldering station



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