Sterling Silver Cuff DIY Tutorial

Sterling silver cuff with foldformed insert & patina application Make a unique bold sterling silver cuff with a rich colored patina fold- formed insert. The tutorial is an instant downloading PDF file, it has 7 pages, 19 photos, a template and plenty of tips!
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You will learn:

  •    How to cut sheet metal with bench shear
  •    Foldforming sheet metal
  •    Texturing metal with stamps
  •    Heat patina application
  •    Green patina application
  •    Blue patina application
  •    Purple patina application
  •    Patina preservation
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Foldforming is a technique that lets you turn a flat sheet of metal into a three dimensional object. This way of manipulating sheet metal can also add a lot of texture to it. In this tutorial we will fold a piece of metal sheet many times to give it a eye catching texture. We will add to this texture with stamped designs intermixed with the folds. Once finished with the textured metal sheet we will cut out and shape a pair of round cabochons and a tear-shaped one. The cabochons will then be framed in sterling silver using a combination bezel-tab setting for a spectacular set of earrings and pendant. The step-by-step instructions includes how to apply and preserve colored patinas for a different look on the copper cabochons. This tutorial is an instant downloading PDF file. It has 16 pages, 54 photos and life size template of all the components. For intermediate skill students.

Sterling Silver And Polymer Clay Pendant DIY Tutorial

This project will guide you in the making of a simple yet striking reversible sterling silver and polymer clay one-of-a-kind pendant. This is a perfect beginners project. Is a good introduction to working with polymer clay. It covers basic instructions on: how to condition polymer clay, what tools to use, making a multicolored slab, cutting the clay and baking it in the oven. Also it goes over basic metal fabrication skills as cutting with a jeweler's saw, filing and sanding. Decorative stamping and patina application are also covered. The step-by-step instruction will walk you through the making of a simple polymer clay flat multicolored cabochon piece. Then go on to show you how to make a sterling silver frame, and tab-setting your cabochon. The final instructions will cover how to make a stainless steel cable necklace for your finished pendant. This tutorial is an instant downloading PDF file. It has 8 pages, 21 photos and life size template of all the components. For beginner skill students.

Jewerly Making TIP # 6: Rounding the ends of your wires.

Rounding the ends of your wires. Invest in some good jewelry cup burs. This is a FREE PDF file for instant downloading.

Torch Fired Pendant I DIY Tutorial

Sgraffito torch fired enamel: “Sgraffito” Italian for “scratch through”, is exactly that, scratching a design trough a dry sifted coat of enamel, to reveal the previously fired color under it. This enameling method lets you “draw” any pattern with a pointed tool on the surface of your piece. When the piece is fired a second time melting the dry sifted enamel, the pattern is revealed. Tab setting is one of the easiest ways to secure a focal piece to a backing, there is no solder or heat involved, so its considered a “cold connection “ . Tabs are prongs cut from the baking piece and then bent over to hold the enamel cabochon in place. Included in the step-by step instruction you will find how to silver-plate your back plate for a different finish. Master torch firing and tab setting wile fabricating a beautiful one-of-a-kind pendant with a tab-set Sgrafitto Torch Fired Cabochon and Dangle. This tutorial is an instant downloading PDF file. It has 12 pages, 40 photos and life size template of all the components. For intermediate skill students (torch use experience recommended)