Fan bail, pendant III DIY Tutorial

Here we have another simple, easy and elegant pendant setting. It works specially well for long beads, but it can also be used for a set of 2-3 medium sized beads. If you want to customize the setting, you can change the shape of the fan for another one. It can be a triangle, a square or an oval. The texture on the metal can also be changed to make each pendant unique. The tutorial is an instant downloading PDF file, it has 6 pages, 13 photos, a life size template of all the components and plenty of tips! For beginner skill students.
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Torch Fired Pendant II DIY Tutorial

Master a new, very exiting and fast way to enamel copper. The fired enamel colors are beautifully vibrant and each piece will be unique. Torch firing is addictive, you can never make only one piece ! Using the same enamels in different proportion or sifting sequence can give you very different results. Check the picture!, these are the same blues and greens on both pieces! Learn to make an artisan sterling silver and enamel pendant. Inside tab settings are an easy way to set your beautiful torch fired cabochon. Fabricating this type of setting involves cutting and piercing with a jeweler’s saw, drilling pilot holes, filing ,sanding and soldering. The project can be modified to be solder-less, but after torch firing, who is going to be scared of a tiny bit of soldering? Texturing with stamps and the use of liver os sulfur patina on the silver gives you another way to personalize your project. This tutorial will guide you through all these steps with photos and many tips to make everything easier. This tutorial is an instant downloading PDF file. It has 10 pages, 29 photos and life size template of all the components. For intermediate skill students (torch use experience recommended)

No Solder Blue Green Copper Tribal Earrings DIY FREE PDF Tutorial

A “cold connection" is any method of attaching or connecting two or more pieces together without the use of heat (soldering, brazing or welding). This method is usually needed when the pieces to attach can be damage by the heat and flame of a torch. “Cold connections” can also be used as decorative elements. In this tutorial metal tubing is used in a non-traditional way. The tubing is flared and compressed to trap another piece of metal, avoiding the use of solder. This is a cold connection. These hand formed boldly colored and textured earrings are original and easy to make. This tutorial is an instant downloading PDF file, it has 10 pages, a template, 20 photos and plenty of tips. The tutorial is for beginner’s students.

Wrap around tab tile ring DIY PDF Tutorial

Tabs are small fingers of metal, cut into a jewelry piece that lets us attach objects that we don’t want to pierce or expose to heat. In other words, it is a “cold connection”. This project is a different take from the regular tabs. The tutorial is an instant downloading PDF file, it has 9 pages, 24 photos, a life size template of all the components and plenty of tips! It comes with a Bonus variant. For beginner skill students.