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Metalwork For Your Lampwork I

Rings, Bracelets & Cuffs. Metalsmithing jewelry projects.

Metalwork For Your Lampwork II

Pendants, necklaces & chains. Metalsmithing jewelry projects. Step by Step Tutorials.

Metalwork For Your Lampwork III

Have commercial findings lost their appeal? Do you want handmade and one-of-a-kind elements for your earrings ? Learn how to make your own. For the lampworkers and beaders who want to expand their skills in metalworking to incorporate their beads into more substantial pieces of jewelry. This book will try to fill the gap between working with wire and using metal sheet. Softcover book. WE ONLY SHIP TO USA. FOR WORLDWIDE SHIPPING GO TO and search for "Metalwork For Your Lampwork" Series

No-solder Riveted Bail Gemstone Donut Necklace DIY PDF Digital Tutorial

This necklace is a simple and striking way to display a large gemstone donut. Using only “cold connections” like rivets, staple and crimps we will make a unique sterling silver two-piece riveted bail, with a hand stamped design. The silver bail can be customized by using different stamps or texture hammers on the metal. Changing the shape of the cutouts along the edge for other shapes as triangles or ovals, can also make each pendant unique.

Polymer And Copper Pendant DIY Tutorial

In this tutorial we will be constructing a split bezel & tab setting for a straight sided, angular shape. The flat shape will be made out of a multicolored piece of polymer clay. As an alternative you can substitute the polymer piece for a torch fired enamel piece. The project can also be turned into a solder-less piece using "cold connections “. The instructions for a customized stainless steel cable necklace with matching clasp are also included in the step-by-step instructions. The tutorial is an instant downloading PDF file, it has 11 pages, 29 photos, a life size template of all the components and plenty of tips! For beginner skill students.

Reticulated Silver Cuff with Natural Stone Donut Focal DIY PDF Tutorial

This project is about using a large gemstone donut as the focal piece of a cuff bracelet. Reticulation on silver is a process that results in a heavily textured metal sheet. This method produces one-of-a-kind pieces, that are very dramatic and organic looking. The tutorial is an instant downloading PDF file, it has 10 pages, 27 photos, a life size template of all the components and plenty of tips! Includes two mini tutorials. For intermediate skill students.