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Anticlastic and Lampwork Cuff DIY PDF Tutorial

Anticlastic Raising is a way of shaping metal, curving it into different directions like the shape of a horse’s saddle. The shapes obtained with this method are very organic and beautiful. They are also very strong; this means that thinner gauge metal can be used to make lighter pieces. Our cuff will be shaped into an asymmetric anticlastic spiral. With one large lampwork wavy disk on the wide side, and a small disk in a contrasting color on the narrow side. The tutorial is an instant downloading PDF file, it has 8 pages, 16 photos, a life size template of all the components and plenty of tips! For intermediate skill students.

Interchangeable Bead and Components Stud Earrings DIY PDF Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will be making a wonderful very versatile set of stud earrings, made with lots of interchangeable parts to play with!. This pair was designed in a way that permits the wearer to play mix-and-match with 5 different metal components. And as I love lampwork disk-type beads, you can add some of those to the mix as well!. They will add a lovely pop of color around the face. You will be able to assemble an all metal earring set or a metal and glass one to match your outfit or mood. Combine metals, texture and colored glass to make unique one of-a-kind earrings.

Jewelry Making TIP # 8: Lubricate your jewelers saw blade

Jewelry tip # 8: Lubricate your jewelers saw blade. This is a FREE PDF file for instant downloading.

Jewelry Making TIP #13: The Metal Hand Punch, one of my most used tools in the studio.

A metal hand punch is a metalworking tool that makes holes on metal sheet. It works much the same as a paper punch, but has the advantage of having a set of dies to make holes in different sizes. This tool can be used on mild steel, aluminum, silver, copper, brass, cardboard, craft foam, leather and plastic. Making it the perfect tool for jewelry making. This is a PDF file for instant downloading.

Jewelry Making TIP 3 - Making trivets for patina

Stainless Steel trivets are commonly used in enameling and can also be used for ammonia fuming, but the steel will be affected by the fumes and will corrode slowly. Plastic is a non-reactive material perfect to use with ammonia fumes. You can make your own fuming trivets out of plastic, using old credit card, plastic gift cards or hotel room key cards. Template included. This is a PDF file for instant downloading. This is a FREE PDF file for instant downloading.

Making a bright copper cored Lampwork glass beads for jewelry - DIY FREE Mini Tutorial

The Moretti family introduced the use of copper mandrels as a “cost effective “production method of Venetian glass beads in 1920. The beads were made directly over copper mandrels that were dissolved in nitric acid after annealing. The steel mandrel & bead release combo was retaken when environmental laws made more expensive the use and disposal of copper and nitric acid. So using Copper as a core for lampwork glass is not new. This mini tutorial is about the reaction of the bare copper to the flame and its effect on clear glass. You can get two very different effects, a deep dark red or swirls of aqua blue and bubbles floating in the clear over a bright copper surface. This is a FREE PDF file for instant downloading.