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4 Bails For Large Gemstone Donuts DIY PDF Digital Tutorial

Here are four striking bails using the same design principle to accommodate your large gemstone donuts. The design is simple with only one soldered joint, making it a good project for beginner solders. The bails can be used for rectangular, square or round donuts. Three of the bails are soldered pieces and one a no-solder project. The bails can be made in sterling silver, copper, brass or bronze. You can customize the design further, by using your own stamps or texture hammers on the metal. The tubes at the back of the bails are big enough to accommodate most chains, large gauge neck wires, multi-strand cable necklaces or smaller bead necklaces. They can also be used in conjunction with silk cords, ribbons, beaded Kumihimo cords or larger bead strands. Go look for those forgotten large gemstone donuts in your bead boxes and make some awesome pendants today!

Adjustable Gemstone Donut Ring DIY PDF Digital Tutorial

Rings are perfect to display small gemstone donuts. This project is a simple take on an adjustable wrap-around shank. It can be made in copper, brass or silver, with any colored stone donut. The small domed cup on the center can be changed to a square, triangle or oval. The texture on the cup and shank can be stamped, rolled milled or hammered. This means that your ring will always be a unique piece of art jewelry.

DIY JEWELRY KIT 4: 4 pairs of Silver and 2 pairs of Copper components and 2 Digital Tutorials. No Solder "Dot-Dashes Silver Earrings " + " Large Hoop Earrings". FREE SHIPPING.

Do It Yourself Handmade Jewelry Combo KIT 4. These are 2 wonderful introductory projects to the art of handmade jewelry. The first one "No Solder Dots and Dashes Sterling Silver Earrings" will be fabricated completely out of sterling silver. Their simple and light contemporary design, make these earrings the go-to pair for everyday use. The second one "Silver and Copper No Solder Large Hoop Earring" is a beautiful copper tubing large hoop earrings that can be textured and colored in many ways for everyday use.

DIY JEWELRY KIT 1: 2 pairs of Silver/Copper components plus 1 Digital Tutorial. "Silver and Copper No Solder Large Hoop Earring". FREE SHIPPING.

Do It Yourself Handmade Jewelry KIT 1. Beautiful copper tubing large hoop earrings can be textured and colored in many ways for everyday use.
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Enamel pendant & copper bail leather cord.

Handmade Artisan Torch fired enamel pendant in yellow, orange and red. Enamels are finely ground glass and can be fused to metal by heating the metal and powdered glass until the glass melts, sticking permanently to the metal. The traditional way of firing enamels to a glassy state is using a kiln, but it can also be done with a torch. This pendant is fired multiple times, and the “Sgraffito” technique was used to reveal the yellow enamel under the red and orange top coats. “Sgrafitto” means to scratch in Italian, the design is scratched on the powdered top coat before firing it, to reveal the previously fired coat underneath. The bail rings are made with hand twisted oxidized copper wire. The enameled piece is 53mm (1 3/8”) in diameter. The pendant is 64mm (2 ½”) long. It comes on an 8mm black leather cord 46cm ( 18”) long, with a magnetic clasp

Handmade artisan earrings in sterling silver and jasper

Lovely cream, rust and olive jasper rectangles suspended from long triangles, hand-textured with tiny circles. The ear wires are long curving hooks in sterling silver. Very easy to put on. The stones are 34 x 12mm (1 5/8x ½”) The total length of the earrings is 45mm (1 ¾”)